Monday, December 22, 2008

Thanks! Merry Christmas

Thank you for coming out to see us at the Crofoot this past Saturday night. The temps were cold but the music was hot inside. We'd also like to thank Dave from the Polish Muslims for inviting us to play at the party. They are an awesome band! Stewart Francke was great, too. A lotta soul and an awesome groove. If you missed this party, you missed a good one. Yes, there was a huge Christmas Kielbasa wreath from the good folks at Kowalski.

Have a Merry Christmas, A Happy New Year. Be safe. Eat lotsa Kielbasa. I'll hoist a Jezynowka or two for you.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Finally blogging

Yup, now you can keep up with the Kings on a blog. Hopefully, you'll chime in. I'll be keeping things updated so you can be in the know. For the time being, it'll be sparse, but I'll get some pics and stuff up here for you to gawk at. More thoughts and updates will be forthcoming. Thank you for checking in.

Tom is BACK!

Thanks to your best wishes and prayers, our bass player and founding member Tom T-Bone Gyuran has fully recovered from his serious illness. He's itching to be back on stage and kicking out that big polka bottom like no one else can. He's grateful for everyone's support.

Kielbasa Kings at The Crofoot Pontiac Dec 20th

Merry Christmas and all that jazz from the Kielbasa Kings. Join us and our buddies The Polish Muslims and Stuart Franke for a Kielbasa Christmas Party at The Crofoot in Downtown Pontiac December 20th. Tickets are $8 in advance or $10 at the door. Look up for the details, tickets and what to wear.